Health Factors that Affect your Skin

⁣Did you know our skin has many important functions? It is our hazard suit that protects us from environmental elements. It also functions to regulate our body temp, retain fluids, protect against disease and rid of waste bodily waste products.

The skin is the largest organ on our body and is the communicator of all things that happen from the inside out. The skin raises a red flag(s) when your body becomes sick through changes in texture, color, temperature and itching.

Gut Health 

What goes into your body not only shows up on your skin but affects the functions of your gut like your liver. A healthy liver filters, breaks down and eliminates toxins, food chemicals and hormones to prevent build up in your body. If your liver isn't functioning properly to detoxify, it can show up on your skin.

Factors like alcohol, greasy food and sugar not only secrete to the surface of your skin but they accelerate the aging process by breaking down collagen, fibroblasts and elastin.

Essential nutrients are needed to feed the skin so it can function better by improving blood flow, hydration, texture, and mitigate inflammation.

Mental Health

Stress initiates the body's "fight or flight" response releasing hormones that make your heart pump faster, increase blood pressure and increase energy levels in order to alert your body of a threat. Instead of working to keep your body in balance, it is now working harder to protect it. 

The released hormones make your immune system more vulnerable making it more reactive and sensitive to inflammation such as acne, rashes, redness and other flare ups. 

Stress also affects sleep pattern causing you to look and feel more tired while facial tension creates and deepens fine lines and wrinkles. 

Physical Health 

Aging is not an excuse to slow down your exercise, it is more of a reason to do so. Inactivity is the cause of muscle loss and weakness resulting in sagging skin.

Constant movement during exercise not only promotes increased blood flow, oxygen and nutrients throughout the body including the skin but also strengthens muscles to support slacking skin caused by loss of collagen and elasticity.

Listen to your body, take note of what happens to your skin when things aren't right. Your skin will tell you if you're sick, allergic to something you've eaten/came into contact with, or when you're not getting enough sleep or drinking water. Nourish your skin and it will take care of you.